Take strong legal action against Rai, say homosexuals, transgenders 

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 22- Homosexuals and transgender have demanded a strong legal action against Dilip Rai who was involved in beating and thrashing the teacher Anil Sherpa.

Rai is known as Mohini and Rajan don of the Kathmandu. At a gathering organized at a hotel near the Mohini’s apartment, they maintained that Chairman of Blue Diamond Society and other leadership should not waver from their firm position.

They said their life will be unsecured if police frees Mohini without taking action. They expressed the happiness over the arrest of Mohini. They warned that there should not be just a lip service and should firmly stand.

Victim Anil Sherpa said it was their mistake to bear the repeated attack them instead of complaining at police office.  “He has threatened to kill me, Anil said, “I am ready to go in front of his house if I am destined to be killed by his hand.”  Anil and other homosexuals and transgender said they are facing physical, psychological and other public offences.

They complained of being insecure due to the Mohini. Mohini who used to beat the transgender sex workers is currently in police custody. They asked the police administration not to release him. He said that Blue Diamond Society should support the police to take legal action against Mohini.

Acting Executive Director of Society, Manisha Dhakal said they will lodge an application at District Administration demanding the security for the transgender. Dhakal said that due to the threats from Mohini, the campaign should not be affected. She demanded immediate action against Mohini.

Chairman of Society, Pinki Gurung said Society would not give legal protection to the criminals, and committed to ensure the rule of law in the country. “No one has the right to violate the law; we need the support from all sectors,” said Gurung. Police Sub-Inspector Netra Rana said police administration is committed to control the activities of don.