Tarun Dal creating awareness about gender and sexual minority : Rana

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 23 – Chairman of Nepal Tarun Dal Udaya Shumsher Rana has said that like male and female, homosexual and transgender is a natural phenomenon. According to him, Tarun Dal has provided trainings to its cadres about this reality.

Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Rana, who is also lawmaker, said some of his good friends are transgender. “Some of my friends are transgender and they are good like other friends,” said Rana.  “We are providing information to our youths in the organization,” he said.

According to him, homosexual and transgender are regular phenomenon. “We should not mock them and undermine them,” said Rana. “We want to hold discussion about this and end the social discrimination,” said Rana. He said even the developed countries have discriminated this community. “Nepal’s constitution is very progressive when it comes to the rights of gender and sexual minority,” said Rana. “There is a constitutional provision in the country. Similarly, youths are understanding about it, there is need of informing young generation about it,” said Rana.