Teen Gen Leadership Training

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 17 – YKAP Nepal, an organization formed to involve and enhance the capacity of young key affected people, has recently conducted ‘Teen Gen Leadership Training.’ The three- day training was organized in Hotel Manang, Thamel, Kathmandu, in September 26-28.  The training was targeted to adolescents from 13 years to 17 years on various issues related to adolescence such as HIV, sex education, leadership among others.  

The organization focused on those young people who use drugs, young men who have sex with men, young people living with HIV/AIDS and Hep C, young transgender people, migrant workers and young sex workers from 15 years to 29 years old.

1It was the gathering of those people who use drugs, living with HIV/AIDS and HCV, young transgender people and young sex workers bringing unity from the diversified voices and building a common platform to ensure and learn on issues affecting their lives for dialogue and action.

TeenGen Day 1 started with a bang. Twenty adolescents from 13-17 years old were the participants, who demonstrated their honest reflections, energy and innovations. Day 2 was more exciting when the adolescent’s participants opened up more and enjoyed the games. The training focused on peer-pressure, communications through emoji, negotiations etc.

A 17 years old transgender woman Rukshana Kapali from Blue Diamond Society also participated in this program. The training also discussed about Gender Bread, where participants talked about Gender identity, Gender expression, Biological sex and Sexual orientation.

The training had LGBTI friendly environment. Talking on various issues, the various sessions in the training was LGBTi inclusive. At the end of the training, Kapali was also interviewed for a promotional video where she was given a chance to share about her experiences being a transgender. Rukshana says, “In my life experience till today, I have not felt comfortable being with adolescent age group or teenagers because I was a transgender and this age group mostly did not understand me.

But during this training, I was never made to feel different. It is very glad to see that young people are positive on LGBTI issues and treated me equally. The nervousness I felt about expressing myself in teen age group was overcome during this training. I learnt to socialize and co-operate. Despite being the only member from LGBTi community, I felt the environment very welcoming to me.”