The concept of same-sex marriage will not address all LGBTI issues : Dhakal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 1 – Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal has said that all the issues related to gender and issues should be accommodated while formulating laws along with same-sex marriage. Speaking with Pahichan, Dhakal said though general laws could address all the issues, government is preparing to bring special laws.

“It would be better to address the issues of LGBTI community through general laws. The issues of this community are not addressed in civil and criminal code as government is preparing to introduce special laws,” said Dhakal. Dhakal is of the view that the concept of same-sex marriage will not address the issues related to marriage of LGBTI community.

According to her, ‘the marriage between two people who have similar feelings and sentiment could address all the issues related to marriage. He said the same-sex marriage will not cover all the issues. Dhakal said the Supreme Court verdict regarding the citizenship and other documents should be utilized.

“As per the verdict, members of this community can receive citizenship as per the gender identity. Similarly, they can change their identity in the educational certificate,” Dhakal said. She underlined the need of pressure to make laws. “The SC verdict states that government agencies should orient their staffs about the issues of gender and sexual minority,” Dhakal said.