The dream and struggles of Chandrakanta

Pradip Kumar Yadav/ Pahichan – Transgender woman Chadrakanta was thrown out of her house for being a transgender. While she did not know what she exactly was, an internal conflict was going on her mind. 

Since she started listening Pahichan Radio Program, there was clarity about her gender identity. Pahichan Radio Program, the presentation of Pahichan Media and production of Blue Diamond Society, was the only medium to satisfy her amid disgrace by parents.

When Pahichan Program was from airing in Janakpur, it made her sad. Although she was thrown out of the house, she is working for her parents’ dream.

Chandrakanta says :
I am Chandrakanta. My parents named me as Chandradev Raut. Now listening to Pahichan Radio program my name Chandrakanta has been popular. To translate the dream of my father into reality, I am taking my studies further. Now, I am studying in Grade 12. Some of my classmates love me, while some hate me.  Before I heard Pahichan Radio Program, everyone loved me. When my identity was disclosed, most people got shocked. They asked me why I was like this, and many questions. All my friends and family became shocked.
My parents thought it was a disease. They took me to a doctor for treatment. When they took me to dhaami and jhakri (faith healers), I started explaining my parents. I told my mom that I was like this since before. I kept it hidden due to fear. I did not want my parents’ social prestige to go down.
I said my mom that there are many people like me, who have been expressing themselves through Pahichan radio program, and I want to do something being this way. I want to move forward in society, and keep my good name.

After hearing this, parents threw me out of the house. I am still continuing my studies. Although I am far away from my house, I will continue my studies. I want to be something, and show it to my parents. My parents and society had many expectations from me. I will surely fulfill their dreams. My parents have not come to meet me till now, but I have not lost my hope. I have strong faith in myself.

But I am very sad that now Radio Program Pahichan is not aired in Janakpur. Just like me, many of my friends are awaiting the program. That is why I wish this program again gets broadcasted in Janakpur so that again many people can learn about themselves. Tomorrow, I wish that everyone would come out. I am Chandrakanta and these are words of my changes from Pahichan Radio Program.

Human Rights Activist
Pradip Kumar Yadav