The issues of gender and sexual minority should be incorporated in the literature

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 20 – Singer DP Parishrami has said that issues of gender and sexual minority has misrepresented in the literature due to the lack of knowledge in the society. The issues of society are reflected in the literature, so their issues will get priority in literature if people know about it.

 “Many people do not know about this community, I was not fully educated about this community. I know about this community today. Others may feel same,” said Parishrami. “If people know about it, it will get priority in the literature,” he said adding that members of this community should not be discriminated as constitution has ensured the rights of this community.

“The new constitution has granted rights to this community, constitution itself is not a concrete document, it will be implemented after its definition,” he said formulation of law is important to ensure the rights of this community.

With the advent of information technology, the world is becoming a global village, so we should learn lessons from other countries on how to treat with members of gender and sexual minority. He is making public new Album Tirshana this month. He is also preparing to a collection of poem and songs name ‘Susheli.’