The problems faced by transgender is a national issue: NC leader Giri

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 24 – Nepali Congress leader and political thinker Pradeep Giri has said that the problem faced by transgender is also a national issue. Speaking to Journalist Bijaya Kumar Pandey in the Dishanirdesh Program of AP1 television, Giri said the problem faced by any citizen is a national issue. “We should not overlook or undermine the problem faced by a small group which could emerge as a serious problem in the course of time,” Giri said.  He said the issues of Madhes, Janajati and homosexual and transgender should be addressed by state.

He said every citizen has the right to seek his right from the state and efforts are underway to sideline the issues of Madhes. “If any individual asks for gay right, it is the responsibility of state to address them,” Giri said. He said the problems of particular community should not be cofined with the community.