The society doesn’t understands the meaning of marriage yet

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 21 – Dr. Risharbh Reshu has said that sexual and gender minorities are born due to chromosome mismatch.

“Homosexual and transgender are born due to the mismatch “,”Dr Reshu said, “There are misguided reports in some media that homosexual and transgender are born due to the mistake in sexual intercourse between father and mother, it is a natural phenomenon.”

He informed that Mr. and Miss Rainbow Nepal 2018 competition is going to take place in the near future. He said such programs have been organized with a view that agendas of this community are not in limelight in the scale of expectation.

“This is not only beauty peasant; it is also a talent show. For the same program, facilitators from India are visiting to Nepal. They will provide a month-long training. It is a golden opportunity for the homosexual and transgender,” said Reshu.  “I kindly request you to utilize this opportunity.

The deadline for form submission is Ashar 15. The final is on Shrawan 25 and winner will get 50 thousand cash and many more gifts and opportunities. He said homosexual and transgender must get an opportunity to utilize the human rights.

The same-sex marriage has not received legal status due to the lack of proper understanding in the society about the definition of marriage. “Marriage is a reconciliation of two hearts so no one should object if two people decide to marry,” he said.

He said all people should get an opportunity to live with full satisfaction and their desire cannot be suppressed.  He said members of this community must fight to get the rights. “No one provides the right, you have to fight for your own rights,” he added.  Dr. Reshu who achieved PHD degree in Religion Science said he studied making money playing Tabala in the restaurants. “I used to make income through Tabala in the beer café of restaurant,” he said. “I had not expected economic help from my family.  In the days of my struggle, I also lived in street,” he said.