There are LGBTI members in every household of  Terai-Madhes: Shrestha

Bara (Pahichan) March 28 – Blue Diamond Society has said that there are homosexual and transgender in every household of Terai-Madhes. Though there is presence of this community in each household, they are compelled to conceal their identity, according to rights activist Purnima Shrestha.  

Speaking to Pahichan, Shrestha informed that 3500 members of this community have come into the contact of society.  According Shrestha, who is program coordinator of this community; due to the discrimination by family members, they are reluctant to disclose their identity.

She demanded to legalize same-sex marriage .Similarly; she demanded to allocate certain quota to this community in the exams of Public Service Commission.  Bara District Development Committee has proved one lakh and fifty thousand to BDS chapter. Purnima Shrestha informed that this budget will be allocated to provide vocational trainings to this community. As members of this community are disclosing their identity, there is positive attitude towards this community.