There are misconceptions in society about transgender : Lama

Dhangadi (Pahichan) July 14 – Coordinator of Far-western Society Dhangadi Raju Lama has said that there are still negative perceptions in the society regarding gender and sexual minority.

Speaking at a program organized by Society, Lama said there are still misconceptions in the rural areas about this community.  He said it has been difficult to create awareness even among the literate mass about this community.

He said mass perception is that transgender cannot give birth to children. He stated that many members of this community are being expelled from their homes and they are being denied from property.

Due to the same situation, according to him, some members of this community are committing suicide. He said youth clubs, Aama Samuha and other social organizations should be imparted the knowledge regarding the homosexual and transgender. He said LGBTI members should feel free and secure to disclose their identity to make an equitable society.