There are no links between age and talent: Angel

Kathamndu/Pahichan – Angel Dong (Lama) was born in Timal Village Development Committee (VDC) of Kavrepalnchok district, province no 3, under the new federal structure.  She won the title of Miss Pink Competition 2018 at the age of 19. She is known as Transgender women. The title of Miss Pink is a demonstration of her struggle for social challenge. Angel, who is intellectual and talent, is going to participate an international event in Thailand. Angel talked with Sudichya khadka and Sukriti Basnet about wide-range of LGBTI issues:

First of all, we would like to congratulate on being selected Miss pink 2018.

Thank you.

You are just in the stage of crossing teenage, but you seem talented and matured which led you to win the title of Miss Pink 2018?

There are no links between age and individual talent. I am not so talent I just tried to show what I had with me.

After being selected as Miss Pink, you may be so busy, what is going on nowadays?

I was already busy and it has further increased with Miss Pink’s crown. My achievement is an encouragement to the other people to secure the rights mentioned in the newly promulgated constitution.

As we have heard, you got a chance to get involvement in abroad competition, what is your decision and plan towards it?

Sincerely, I feel lucky as well as proud, and fully attached toward competition when my country is going to international competition leading towards my representation, and there are many things to do myself.

How is your struggling point to reach up to hear?

As a transgender, my struggle started long time ago. As a transgender, there were not any supports from family as well as from society. Since the beginning, I started to fight with family, society and many people and as result I got victory and securing crown was a height in my life.

There is not any respect toward the transgender community, what is your view on it?

Of course, it is not just a mistake. As we know transgender is also part of a community then we also want to have equal right and behavior as ordinary people.

As a Miss Pink, what you have planned for your community?

I want be a successful lawyer. I want to make my country a peaceful place for all gender, minority, disable and backward classes, and also want to document the number sex and gender minorities.

Do you have had any support from your family as well as from your relatives?

As we know, society still has superstition and people of society still hold traditional thinking.  In case of supporting, mother always supports me but my father has not supported until now. Everybody does not have same point of thinking, perhaps the world could have been.

As we heard, nowadays you are also working on Blue Diamond Society, what do you there?

I am busy as social worker at Blue Diamond Society. I am working for transgender people and transgender children as well as orphan for their street care, food and education and also focusing on saving the children.

What about the constitutional rights of this community?

Nepal is the first country to mention the rights of LGBTI in its constitution. The article 12, 18 and 42 of constitution are mainly related to LGBTI and margnalzied community. Members of this community have already started to receive citizenship on the basis of their gender identity. My name in citizenship is Sabin Lama and it want to change the name.  We must also get the right of same-sex marriage.

What about the participation of this community in the electoral process?

The participation was a matter of pride for this community.  Firstly, I thank our Nepal government and Baburam Bhattrai who had given golden chance in the participation of election contest as Pinkie Gurung of our transgender community and fought toward election which is act as first step for our community development.

How much help do have received from the administration?

According to administration, they have written the right to LGBTIs and they were also participating in miss pink program. Mostly LGBTIs are concerned as they are active and helpful.

Who is the ideal person in your life?

My mother is the ideal person of my life. Mother is the enough word who shows the world. Transgender, male, female for all, nothing is higher than mother.

What is your plan to work as social worker?

I am very close towards the social networking.  I am active in Facebook, Twitter and Instagrm

What is your suggestion to this community?

Firstly, I want to say there should not be any types of discrimination to anyone, and should provide equal rights to all even to transgender. We are also integral part of our country so do not discrimination us. I want to say that we can develop this country with our love and affection.

Translate : Bhawana Humagain