There is a high respect for transgender in Japan: Singer Thulung

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 30 – “It was 1998. I was in Japan for a program. Transgender used to host television programs which made me surprise,” said Singer Surya Thulung. In our country members of this community are still facing difficulties but transgender used to get prestige there in 1998, according to him.

“We have just begun to provide rights to the members of this community, hope like in Japan they will get prestige and status in Nepal as well,” Thulung said.

“They will be encouraged after society starts to give them prestige; we met many members of this community in Japan. We organized program together,” Thulung said.

“The constitution has provided rights so discrimination against them will gradually come to and society understands them,” he said adding that people are gradually realizing that they are equal like male and female.

She suggested transgender to disclose their identity. “Discrimination will not come to an end unless family members treat them in an equal way like male and female,” he said.  According to him, discrimination still exists due to the lack of social awareness about his community. He suggested making their struggle more effective and vibrant.