There is a need of comprehensive and intensive study about this community: Dahal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 28 – Sociologist Bishnu Dahal has said that as marriage is a social institution, social norms and practice is stronger than legal rights when it comes to marriage. He said the norms of marriages that exist in society may not be compatible to Muluki Ain.

He suggested that issues related to social change and marriage relation should be pushed simultaneously. “Even if gender and sexual minority get legal status for same-sex marriage, they will not be free from social problem,” Dahal said, adding that if there is a social transformation same-sex marriage could get social status before the law making process.

He said many homosexuals have maintained living together relation and they are denied from legal rights to formally tie the knot.  He said a standard could be formulated for the purpose of living together.

He said only same-sex marriage law would not guarantee the rights of all categories but there is a need of serious study on how to address their separate problems. “There is a need of study about this community hiring the experts.

Only law on legalizing same-sex marriage could not be sufficient. We need a permanent solution,” Dahal said. A government committee on legalizing same-sex marriage has already submitted its report studying the social, cultural and other aspects of it.

On the basis of same report, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare as formed a taskforce to prepare a draft law. There are also questions whether this community would get the right.