There is a need of unity: Shah

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 14 – Leader of CPN (Maoist Center) Ganesh Sah has said that homosexuals and transgender should be united to secure their rights. Speaking to Pahichan, he said there is a need of collective pressures of this community to implement the rights of this community mentioned in constitution.

He said due to the lack of pressure, the civil and criminal code did not ensure the rights of this community.  Like in the first Constituent Assembly (CA), members of this community must be united.

“People hold different vies and ideologies but there are a need to exert collective pressure. If members of this community are affiliated in different parties, there will be a delay,” he added. He said Sunil Babu Pant played a vital role to ensure the right of this community in the constitution. Sah’s party CPN (United) was merged with CPN (Maoist Centre) just before the elections of House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections.