There is consensus on same-sex marriage: Bidari

Kaski (Pahichan) September 8 – Lawmaker Ram Narayan Bidari has said that as homosexual and transgender is a gift of god, all should accept this reality. Speaking at National Consultative meeting of Blue Diamond Society, the Maoist lawmaker said that the constitutional rights of this community should be taken as an achievement.

Bidari said there were prolonged discussions regarding legalizing same-sex marriage and there is principled agreement among lawmakers about it. He said minority group should not be deprived from getting rights. He said local government should allocated budget to all sections of the society.

He said members of this community should be awareness about their rights. Bidari took the reference of Hetauda where he provided rented room for the office of Blue Diamond Society.Local people were reluctant to provide rented room for the office purpose of BDS.

Lawmaker Ganga Chuadhary said same-sex marriage will be legalized. Chuadhary said as Supreme Court has already accepted the concept of living together; there will be a law on legalizing same-sex marriage. Chaudhary said there was a heated debate in bill committee about legalizing same-sex marriage and she spoke about it. Chaudhary said all people should receive basic human rights.