Third gender to be allowed to use women-only transpiration system

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 15- Now, third gender people can use the women-only transportation system managed for the first time in Kathmandu valley. The women-only transportation is in operation since the first week of January. Chief of Bagmati Transportation Association Bharat Nepal said there is no obstruction for the third gender to use the facilities allocated to women. “Third gender is normal and natural, third gender who are in women get up can easily use the transport,” he said.

The women only buses are arranged from Kalanki to Balkot Route. Talking to Pahichan Online, Nepal said even the third gender women are facing various types of discrimination and abuses in the public transportation. He informed third genders are getting the facilities of reservation seats in other public transportation. “There is increasing awareness and openness, people with sexual minorities should be publicly. If states give the directives we are ready to allocated separate seats for third gender,” Nepal said asking the third gender to provide their suggestions and problems.

Former lawmaker Sunil Babu Panta who is demanding to ensure the rights of sexual minorities has demanded that people with third gender should get the priority to use women-only buses. Officiating Director of Blue Diamond Society Manish Dhakal said it is a matter of happiness that third gender would be allowed to use women-only buses. “There are abuses and discrimination and violence against the third gender in public buses the new provision will help to minimize them,” she said.