Three courageous figures who disclosed their identity

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 11 – Manisha Koirala, Huma Qureshi, Sushanta Singh Rajput, Amyra Dastur are the stylistic actor\actress who first remember Parakram SJB Rana (23) for styling.  Rana who is working as celebrity stylist in Mumbai since 2070 BS publicly revealed his gender identity, “Yes I am gay and I am proud of my identity.”

Rana knew his identity when he was studying in grade nine. “What is the definition of a normal man? He asked question himself and answered, “I am a homosexual and it is normal.”

In the early age, Parakram knew his sexuality. His sexuality in newsroom was different from other students. “Friends used to speak with a satire, they used to give pain. In the initial days, I used to think being alone, later I came to know there are other friends too like me.”  According to him, English singer Ricky Marin played a vital role to change his life. Rickly used to give several advices about gender identity in the Tweet and he closely followed them.

 Now, he is living life according to his own way. Parakram informed his mother Sneha Rana about his gender identity. Sneha has seen that members of this community who are concealing their gender identity have become the victims of depression, committing suicide and their lives have been ruined as they marry a girl. Sneha who is running a Make-up study in Kupondol said, “I want people like Parakram must come out with their gender identity. I feel proud being a mother of such courageous son,” she said.

For the people who enjoy in internet world, Lex Limbu is familiar and loved name.  Lex who started blogging 10 years ago has recently disclosed their gay identity through a video.

Challenging the people having conservative mind he asks, “Why there is a headache about our attraction, why people criticize our character?” Lex is of the view instead of other’s happiness and sentiments, every people must give priority to himself. The same thing happen in the life of Anuj Rai( 30) who is known as Peter. In the age of 24, his marriage was fixed. Few days after, he went Blue Diamond Society. In BDS, he received an opportunity to directly interact with sexual and gender minority.

He came to know the struggles of this community. Peter who is currently working in BDS said, “I realized my gay identity. Engagement had already taken place but there was no alternative to break up the engagement.”   In the initial days, there was a guess that breakup took place due to other reasons because it took time to disclose his identity. He disclosed his identity only after the Great Earthquake in 2015.

A minor tremor was felt in his own family when he shared his identity. In the initial days, it was very difficult for his family to accept. Gradually situation became normal. There is a hope that his mother would be habituated about his identity.

In this experience, discrimination against this community has been reduced. Still people cannot easily take this community. Peter became third in Mr. Gay Handsome competition. He said 8-10 percent of total population constitute this community. “Our population is few that are why we are special,” said Peter. Six years ago, Bishoraj Adhikari bagged the title of Mr.Gay Handsome. A day before the contest, Adhikari telephoned his brother and inform him everything. He was aware that his guardian would not easily accept his identity. That is why he had resolved to sit separately.

He expressed dissatisfaction about his decision to disclose the identity. He faced abuse and rejection from his friends, some friends blocked in in facebook and he was compelled to walk avoiding friends. He is working as BDS Human rights activist and he is happy on it.

There are many gay actor\actress. People liked their works without questioning their sexuality. Parakram, Lex, Peter and Bisoraj are of the view that there must he honesty. They say, “In terms of sexuality, Nepali society must be progressive. We must respect to each other.”

Edited and translated version of the feature appeared in Nepal weekly.