ToT for local women, dalit and minorities

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 12 – Training of trainers organized by UN Women on Gender Responsive Stake holding is being conducted from December 11 to 15. The Description: 😭program aims to train the trainers who will be training the local, women and Dalit stakeholders.

In the program, LGBTI inclusion has been discussed in details. Rukshana Kapali from Blue Diamond Society explained her personal experience in the last session of the first day. Similarly, in the sessions of Gender and Sex, LGBTI issues were raised. A separate session of LGBTI orientation was put up.

The organizers have committed to edit the texts of manual in the grounds where it had missed LGBTI. Similarly, they have welcomed to add a different section on what LGBTI is and what their issues are, in their manual and curriculum.

When the issue of women violence was raised, taking only heterosexual cisgender woman as “woman” and excluding homosexual women, bisexual women and transwomen became another issue of discussion. Moreover, adding a whole new subject called “LGBTI violence” was proposed by Rukshana.