Transgender and homosexuals hopeful of continuation of assistance from donor communities

Ambika Dahal/Kathmandu (pahichan) February 28- Homosexuals and transgender are hopeful donor communities will continue their assistances in their campaign of achieving the rights. They are of the view that donor agencies should continue their assistance to make their campaign more effective and result-oriented.

They expressed their views at a program organized by Norwegian Embassy and Blue Diamond Society in Kathmandu to review the tasks jointly launched in the past three years. In the review meeting, participants also said that media and human rights activist could play a vital role to ensure the rights of homosexuals and transgender. In the program, homosexuals and transgender are in the situation of do or die. In this situation, the donor communities should not stop their assistance, they said. They complain that they are yet to receive the citizenship and passport without any hassle from government offices.

Transgender Parina Chaudhary said many things are yet to be done in securing the human rights of transgender and third gender. She urged the donor agencies to continue their assistances. Monaj Shahi Monika informed that they are ready to scale the Mount Everest if donor agencies provide them financial assistances.

Homosexuals Indira Neupane asked not to phase out the program stating that rights are yet to be received. She said assistance provided by Embassy will ensure the employment opportunities as well as institutionalized the achievements made so far.  Transgender Anusha Bhujel said the campaign launched by transgender is still needed to gain more rights.

Transgender Suman Tamang Bibek Singh, Sumit Poudel, Raj Chhetri,Bindiya Gautam, Binod Bika among others asked the donor agencies not to leave them in the half way. Pinki Gurung, Chairman of Blue Diamond Society expressed the optimism that donor agencies would continue their assistance stating that many things are ye to be done. She informed that Society is working to ensure constitutional rights of homosexuals and transgender. “We have arrived at this point through a struggle. Participants said media has a vital role to play for achieving the rights of sexual minorities, and that should be continued in the future.

The campaign was initiated by Sunil Babu Pant,” Gurung said stating that campaign has just reached in a half-way. She said campaign should be continued even if donor agencies stop their assistance. Acting Director of Blue Diamond Society, Manisha Dhakal said even if donor agencies discontinue their assistance, campaign should be continued.

She, however, expressed the optimism that donor community would continue their assistance. Program Director of Society Perish Ram Rai said assistance is still needed to make the campaign more effective and strong in the coming days.  Advocate Prem Bahadur Thapa said he is sad to know that assistance in the human rights; media and advocacy are going to be stopped.

Transgender Sushila Lama said they are not totally pessimistic. The Pahichan program which is being broadcasted from 14 FM stations is going to be stopped from this February. Similarly, activities related to human rights are being stopped.

Sunil Babu Pant was the architect of Pahichan program. If there is a continuous support from donor agencies homosexuals and transgender could get citizenship and passport without any obstacles.  If assistance is continued it would help to ensure the rights such as getting citizenship certificate and pr