Transgender are equal like male and female:  KC

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 6-  Actress Surjani KC has said that homosexual and transgender are equal to male and female. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, he said that they are also human and they should get the right. She said there is still discrimination against this community due to lack of awareness.

“There are some my friends who are facing difficulties but that has come down in the recent days,” she said adding that society is not accepting the truth and it is not like an ancient age.

She said that people are adopting traditional culture and trends so that there is no changes on how to view this community.  She said members of this community should be encouraged to move ahead.

KC said that members of this community should be projected in a positive way in cinema. She requested to reach to cinema hall and watch new film Suntalilai Bhagai Lago Jhilkle . “It is a typical movie based on Jar Tradition of Nepal,” she said, “New issue is presented as comedy, I request to watch this film.”