Transgender are more capable than male and female: Ghimire

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 6 – Film Director Tulsi Ghimire has said that homosexual and transgender are more capable than male and female. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Ghimire said he knew about homosexual and transgender while he was in Mumbai.

Recalling a transgender friend in India, Ghimire said, “Rahaman was my best friend in India. He was a very laborious and extraordinary talent; I came to know latter that he is transgender.”Tulsi_Ghimire

 According to him, Rahaman has not given his gender identity earlier.  “Since then, I came to know that transgender are very talent.”  Ghimire lived in Mumbai for a long time and homosexual and transgender were his friends. “I used to meet a friend in Mumbai who was very humorous,” Ghimire said.

According to him, transgender used to be happy all the time. “He said people will laugh them even after they die because people mock saying us Hijada,” Ghimire said. The statement of Rahaman made Ghimire sentimental. “We used to talk about the perception of society towards this community,” Ghimire said.

Ghimire said that there is appropriate environment for transgender in India rather than in Kathmandu. He suggested intensifying the struggle making their identity public.

Ghimire said in some cinemas transgender are presented in a negative way which is wrong. He underlined the need of implementation of provisions in the new constitution. Ghimire has already directed 21 cinemas along with Darpan Chaya, Bansuri, Gahana among others. He is making preparations for Darpan Chaye-2.