Transgender are more capable than heterosexual male and female

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 9 – Senior Director Tulsi Ghimire has said that transgender are more capable than heterosexual male and female. Speaking to Pahichan Radio Program, Ghimire said that he came to know about this community when he used to live in Mumbai.  

Remembering his transgender friend while he used to work in Cinema in Mumbai, he said, “My friend was very laborious and brilliant. Later I came to know that he is a transgender. He had not given his identity to us. Then we came to know that transgender are more capable than us,” said Ghimire.  He said he used to meet his transgender friend who smart in making jokes and humor.

“One day I asked him why he always makes joke. He replied saying that people would laugh when members of this community is taken to cremation after the death,” he said. However, the friend did not disclose this identity. “We began serious talk about the rights and social perspectives about this community,” Ghimire said.

He said there is more favorable environment for LGBTI in India in comparison to Nepal. Ghimire is of the view that members of this community would not get their rights until and unless they come up with their gender identity. He said society is gradually becoming positive about this community.

He said it is wrong tendency to project members of this community in a negative way in cinemas.  Ghimire said all the citizens of the country are equal and they should be treated accordingly.  Ghimire has already been involved in more than 21 popular cinemas. Ghimire’s Darpan Chaya-2 will be released from Friday.