Transgender are third force of country : Bhattarai

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 29 – Coordinator of Naya Shakti Nepal Baburam Bhattarai has said that transgender are third force of society so as Naya Shakti Nepal. Speaking with a group of transgender on election issues, Bhattarai said members of this community are in existence since the inception of society but they are compelled to conceal their identity as their identity is sensitive.

“There left and democratic forces but Naya Shakti is third alternative force. Naya Shakti is accommodating this force with the beginning of its formation,” said Bhattarai.

 He assured that if Naya Shakti receives a status of national party, it would compulsory provides space in parliament which gives a message to world. He further added that Pinky Gurung would play a vital role to implement the constitutional rights.

Naya Shakti has nominated Gurung in PR list. Bhattarai said that Naya Shakti has supported the political campaign of naya Shakti.  Bhattarai further added that though constitution has addressed the issues of this community those rights have to be translated into law.

If LGBTI-friendly parties are not in parliament, there are the dangers that rights of transgender may be in jeopardy. Bhattari told the members of this community to play active role to seek voters support in the election in Naya Shakti.