Transgender are very honest : Pokhrel

Balram Chaudhari/Morang (Pahichan) November 28 – Laxmi Gautam Pokhrel, she is counselor at Koshi Zonal Hospital Biratnagar, Morang. She is working here since 10 years. Her interest drove her to work in this field.  In the past When she was alone, she used to feel difficulties. 

“They are human being like us so it is not unnatural,” he said. She further added: They are very honest, helpful co-operative. I know the members of third gender well because I used to go Blue Diamond Society with KN Thakur while he worked in this organization.

According to her, due to the lack of knowledge, people are discrimination members of this community. She further added that members of this community are very friendly and she always cooperate members of this community.

She is of the view that no one should be discriminated on the basis of caste, culture, gender and sexuality. “If there are any LGBTI in your family, do not discriminate them we have to cooperate them,” she added.