Transgender candidate Radha posing challenge to mainstream political party candidates

Sarlahi (Pahichan) September 14 – One independent candidate from Malangawa has challenged candidates of big parties. Interestingly, she is transgender candidate and she is known as a social worker in the district.

Her name is Madhendra Shah akin Radha Mausi. Mausi is 65 years old and she is contesting election for the first time. She lives in warn no 9 and she has one brother. She has adopted a son. She shared her plan focusing on health and education sector.

Various parties are inviting her to their party but she chose to fight under independent category. She is of the view that if she joins any particular party, she cannot work independently and freely.

She was with other 8-10 transgender in the election campaign. Her background of income and social service is very interesting. Her transgender identity was itself a source of income for her. Transgender children are engaged in dancing and singing in Southern part of Nepal which is called Badhaya.

She has performed dancing and singing in more than one thousand house. She is expecting votes from such family. Radha Mausi is working in this sector since for decades and she has already earned million rupees. However, she is investing her income in the various social works.

She provides money for all religion Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist. Similarly, she provides money for the children who become sick. She has posed a challenge to the candidates of big parties. After sharing her income, she started to share about her election plan and claimed that she is going to win the election. Candidates from other parties offered her million rupees asking to withdraw their candidacy. Some people also threatened her to physically attack if she refuses to withdraw the candidacy.  “I do not want money I want prestige and pride,” she said.  “I do not have family. Society is my family. I am fighting election for development and social service,” she said.

In the Deputy Mayor Apasana Khatun is contesting from Mausi team. Both claim that they will win the election. Both are expecting 90 percent votes from Muslim community. Candidates from CPN-UML and Rastriya Janta Party, however, said that they have not felt challenge from the candidate. UML candidate Devendra Yadav said, “She has not posed any challenges to us. RJP candidate Nageshwor Raya Yadav also said that Mausi is not challenging him in the local level election.

Journalist Manoj Yadav said that though Mausi is a popular figure she could become the victims of patriarchy mind-set of the society. Yadav said society may not take easily due to her gender identity. “She will not have to engage in corruption because she will not have to make money,” Yadav said. There are 18 candidates for the Mayor candidates.

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