‘Transgender in sex profession due to the lack of alternative employment’

Binod B. C./Rupandehi (Pahichan) July 19 – Police Inspector Himala Thapa has said that transgender should seek their rights. Thapa said members of this community are living in society concealing their identity.  She said instead of making a request, members of this community should grab the right.

Program Coordinator of Blue Diamond Society Bhairawaha Manila Nepuane said transgender women are adopting sex profession due to the unemployment. “Due to the discrimination, they are compelled to adopt sex profession which has put them at the risk of HIV infection. “We should arrange the employment for the members of this community,” she said speaking at a training program on empowerment.

It was informed that that how to fight when the rights of this community are denied and how to empowering the members of this community.

In the training, Officer of National Human Rights Commission Regional Office Butwal Chandra Kanta Chapagain informed about the breach of human rights. There was the presence of HIV infection, women sex worker and transgender women in the program.