Transgender Mohini released on bail

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 11- Transgender Mohini who is involved in trashing and threatening the people has been released on bail bond by police. The don whose real name is Dilip Rai will have to be present at Durbarbar Marg police range on the daily basis. Mohini was arrested after he threatened to take the life of some people and thrashed some people with transgender.

He signed a written commitment that he would not give any physical and mental torture to any people in the future.  He also committed that he will not to beat anyone, not issue warning, not to take in disco and restaurant forcefully. He has also agreed to return the goods that looted from homosexuals and transgender. He further committed that he would not undertake any activities against the Blue Diamond Society and its members.

Police official Ramesh Basnet said anyone could lodge complaints if Mohini again engages in such activities.  “I want to assure that police would not allow anyone who tries to break the law of the country. Do not be afraid, police is with you,” Basnet said.

Homosexuals and transgender said they will lodge complaints if Mohini issues warning to them. Police Inspector Deepak Giri said if any unlawful activities are carried out against the homosexual, transgender and institution working in this field, police is always ready to provide assistances.

Mohini has requested to give him an excuse expressing the commitment that she would not involve in such activities. She said that some people of Blue Diamond Society tried to provoke him when they came to meet him, and he is ready to provide their names.

Mohini also said that he would not issue warning to journalists.  Police has arrested Mohini after he attacked teacher Anil Sherpa on Chaitra 6. Mohini has submitted 28 thousand bails. Homosexuals and transgender have pressed the police not to release Mohini.