Transgender Rabina establishes hotel

Balram Chaudhari/Morang (Pahichan) March 20 – Transgender Rabina Rai Maghi has established herself as a hotel operator in Biratnagar. She started the business in very low amount facing a lot of hardships. No one supported in her bid to established the hotel. Being a transgender, she faced a lot of problems when establishing the hotel.

Before the set up of hotel, she was dancing in the various likes like Birgunj,Lahan,India and other places to make money.  “I started by hotel from Rs 5000 and it has grown up to 20000 every month,” she said .

He daily transaction is 2000 to 3000. She is also getting support from her girlfriend.  Now, she is not depended on anyone and doing her business. She is fully satisfied with her business.