Transgender sexual workers arrested

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 2 – In two days duration, eight transgender sexual workers have been arrested from Kathmandu. On Thursday, 3 and Friday 5 people were arrested from Bir Hospital and Bhotahiti areas.  DSP Binod Ghimire said they were found in the objectionable condition and have been arrested.

The police have already launched the campaign of making those places clean and healthy. However, police made no such arrest on Saturday. More heterosexual people were arrested from those areas than transgender.

According to Ghimire, 20 heterosexual people were arrested when three transgender were arrested. Ghimire informed that arrested people will face action against Public Offence Act. Transgender, however, said it is their compulsion to engage in sexual activities. “They said that it is their compulsion,” said Ghimire.  “We are investigating their compulsion to engage in such activities,” he further added.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung said it is a breach of human rights to arrest the homosexual and transgender who walk in the street. Gurung said state should responsible and right to freely walk should be respected.