Transgender should not be used in cinemas: Subba

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 3 – Artist Sirjana Subba has said that transgender characters are being used in the cinema. Speaking to Pahichan, She said it is not good to use this community in the films. According to her, this is happening due to the lack of positive mindset and lack of understanding among the people who prepare a story and script of film.

“The knowledge in society about this community is also reflected in the cinemas. The same type of presentation in Hindi cinema has also impacted for the negative portrayal,” she said. She suggested legalizing the same-sex marriage in Nepal like in other countries. If there is attraction on opposite sex, according to her, it should be respected and legalized.

She said like women, Janajati and oppressed communities, there should be reservation for homosexual and transgender. She said society is gradually accepting the homosexual and transgender and there is still lack of sufficient understanding about the members of this community. Subba is a vital character in Loot-2 cinema which is being screened across the country.