Transgender woman selected for Mock Youth Parliament

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 16 – Mock Youth Parliament which will be organized by Youth Vision and Youth and Sports Ministry has selected a transgender woman through online form.

Rukshana Kapali, who applied through an online form, has been selected in this program. The event has about 100 youths from various places around the country that will be performing like a parliament.

This aims to teach youth how parliament works and youth themselves will be having their own parliament here. The event has been organized in order to motivate, train and nurture leadership, citizenship, capacity and ability for governance in Nepalese youth and to insure youth politically, socially and mentally ready for tomorrow’s leadership of the nation.

“I am the only transgender person selected here, probably the only who is open. In the real parliament, we have no LGBTI representative. I want to make sure that LGBTI narratives have a meaningful space here”, said Rukshana

The program runs from July 11 to 16, and on the last day participants will present a mock parliament in front of the prime minister.