Transgender youths in national reconstruction campaign   Underline the need of reconstruction of our thinking and mindset


Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 25– Gender and sexual minority homosexuals and transgender has initiated reconstruction campaign. As April 25 earthquake has damaged the physical infrastructures, the homosexuals and transgender initiated the campaign with a view that reconstruction campaign should be started from positive thinking of people.

There are the voices the social thinking and physical infrastructures should be reconstructed simultaneously to maintain equality in the society.

“Reconstruction is not only the reconstruction of physical infrastructures,” Under Secretary at Ministry Youth and Sports Gyan Raj Subedi said, “All people should get the bonus of Lotantra.”  He informed that along with homosexual and transgender youths, all types of youths will be brought into the mainstream of development.  According to him, there was a debate of reconstruction soon after the end of Maoist war, now there is same discussions after April 25 Earthquake. “Only the reconstruction of physical infrastructure is not sufficient for the further development of country,” he said.

11872022_943426749037016_918385393123968439_oAccording to him, there is a need of reconstruction of our thoughts and mentality.  Bhakti Shah, Chairman of Gender and Sexual Minority Student Forum informed that gender and sexual minorities are working to establish their identity. “Our purpose is to establish the issues of homosexual and transgender youths, Shah said, “With the establishment of their issues, they will come open without any hesitation.”   He said reconstruction of society is not possible without respecting the realities of the society.

Inter-party Youth Mobilization Network Representative Sarod Dilu BK said there is a need of political influence for the social change.  “However, political parties work only for voting, there is a need of meaningful participation in the political parties,” Bk said. BK said he has just understood the biological need. Another representative of Network Surya Tamang the first priority should be the establishment of identity. After the identity, according to him, there is a need of establishment of rights. “Culture is established as per the thinking style of man. Legislations are formulated on the basis of cultures,” Tamang said, “The laws that are formulated without paying attention to the needs of society are discriminatory,” Tamang added. He said there is a reconstruction of culture and thinking of society.

The program was attended by people with different ability, students and representatives of various sectors. Bisoraj Adhikari presented a paper highlighting the participation of transgender in reconstruction. Students enquired about the steps to be taken by this community and state for ending the discrimination.