Transwoman elected as a member FONIJ

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 1 – Rukshana Kapali, LGBTI rights activist, who is vocal about Indigenous Newa issues, has become a member of the working committee at Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists (FoNIJ), a forum for the journalists representing indigenous communities to exercise a democracy for an integrated development. Rukshana is the first transgender to become the member of FoNIJ.

The convention took place on March 24 in the premises of FoNIJ central office at Anamnagar, Kathmandu where the new working committee was formed.  “As a transgender woman activist, I want to work more on creating inclusive spaces. As a journalist as well as indigenous activist, this can be a good platform to take the LGBTI movement. We need to talk about LGBTI issues everywhere”, Rukshana said.

She asserted that LGBTI movement is broad and diverse, while Indigenous movement should also include the LGBTI intersectionality, and in her working period in FoNIJ, she wants to make the organization gender sensitive and LGBTI friendly.

She took the oath and secrecy and wrote her mother language version in it. “I will always be raising gender issues, talking about patriarchy, heterosexism and gender binary in these platform and ensure that LGBTI people and issues are taken into accounts in indigenous movement as well.”, she added.