Transwoman faces sexual harassment

Rukshana Kapali/Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 22 – Jyomo Tamang (name changed) was sexually harassed by two unidentified men on 11 April in Woodland Club, Durbar Marga.

On the night, Jyomo was heading to the club where she met two other friends and they decided to go club together. While she was in club, two men came and sat beside her.

 “I was feeling uncomfortable. They came all of a sudden and sat beside me on the sofa. My other friends were in the sofa in front of me. I did not pay attention to the men, while I was talking with my friends.” Jyomo said. Then when the men started coming close to her, she reacted upon it. She called her friends and Pinky Gurung, Chairman of Blue Diamond Society, but she was not released.

“The inspector was shouting to handcuff me and put in the jail. DSP was creating friendly behavior. I explained him what happened to me and asked him to check CCTV footage,” she added. Finally she was released the other day in her sister’s custody.

Transgender women, face sexual harassment, violence and abuse quite often, especially ones who have not been accepted in their families and live outside alone. These cases often get talked amongst the peer circles and attempts are made to settle the issue this way.

“Transwomen themselves haven’t internalized the need to document these cases and take action against it. They approach to Blue Diamond Society only when they do not see any other option to settle the issue. That is why despite the prevalence of this problem, we don’t have documentation for it,” said Gurung Chairman of Blue Diamond Society.