Transwoman openly attending HSEB examination

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 22 – Rukshana Kapali, 18 years old open transgender woman from Yala(Patan), Lalitpur is attending HSEB examination this year. The exam starts from tomorrow 10th Baisakh. It is the last batch of HSEB examination since it had been replace by new education policy.

Rukshana Kapali, studying in AIMS Academy Lagakhel is open transwoman studying at Grade 12 Humanities Faculty. “As an open transwoman, it is difficult to adjust in a cisnormative and transphobic society. I have faced a lot of struggle in my life, spe cially in my school.

However, in my high school, I was not discriminated by anyone.”, Rukshana talks with Pahichan, “Carrying the bitter experiences of school, being insulted and harassed from both mates and principal, I was really scared to get enrolled in Grade 11.

But I found this Academy totally different from the school I came. The teachers and principal were so welcoming and supportive” Rukshana Kapali has studied 2 years in this high school, with support from the principal. “As an open transwoman, life is difficult.

People don’t understand you. Society hates you. But I want to prove. I want to prove people that transwomen are no lesser human beings. Therefore, I have choose to take my studies. I am attending my 12 grade board exams. I have to give my best.”