Transwoman participates in Yaka Misaa Yaa Bhuya

Lalitpur (Pahichan) May 9 – The ancient Newa settlement of Lalitpur called as Yala by the natives, also known as Patan, observed the Jatra of Bunga Dyo. Bunga Dyo Jatra is also known as Machhindranath or Karunamaya Jatra.


Along it, the chariot of Chakwa Dyo, or Mimnath is also pulled. Every year, this jatra observes a special day called “Yaka Misaa Yaa Bhuyaa” याक: मिसाया भुया: There isn’t the translation for this phrase, but it is the day allocated for women to pull the chariot.

This day of in done at Lagankhel area, which the natives call Lagankhyo लगंख्य: This year, on the day of Yaka Misa Yaa Bhuyaa, a young transgender woman Rukshana Kapali from Yala(Patan) also participates in pulling the chariot of Bunga Dyo. “I was very excited to participate in this festival as a woman. Being a transwoman, I have always been boycotted by social norms that are cis-normative. I have always felt uneasy when there are parallel world or culture for men and women. This time I am very happy to participate in this festival. Yes, pulling the chariot of Bunga Dyo was not an easy task for me and I had to quit in the middle. But I am happy that even my parents cheered me up for this.”, she said.