UML is not against transgender: Lawmaker Bhandari

Kathmandu(Pahichan) July 30-CPN-UML lawmaker Rewati Raman Bhandari said on Wednesday that it is not true that his party is lobbying to remove the sexual orientation from draft constitution. Bhandari claimed that UML would not take any decisions that would curtail the rights of gender and sexual minorities.

“It is false and wrong that party has taken decision to remove the sexual orientation,” Bhandari told Pahichan media. “It is not the purpose of UML to deny rights to minority groups.”  He assured working to ensure the rights of gender and sexual minorities and there is a need of separate law. “I am fully confident that the current provisions of constitution shall remain intact,” said Bhandari. He said it is sad that homosexuals and transgender are denied from property and other rights of male and female. He further added that there is no need of separate discussions among parties on this issue; CA committee could make an environment to formulate law.

Bhandari informed that draft of civil and criminal code is under discussion in the Parliament. After the passage of bill, gender and sexual minority will get the rights,” Bhandari said that homosexual and transgender have the right to live with dignity irrespective of their numbers.