UML is ready to accommodate all sections of society : UML leader Gaire  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 27 – Central Committee member of CPN-UML and influential youth leader Thakur Gaire has said that as political movement is heading towards completion, all should devote their time and energy to social and economic revolution.

Speaking to Pahichan, he said political movement is overshadowing the social and economic issues. He underlined the need of bringing all the sections of society in this movement. He said minority community including gender and sexual minority should be accommodated for such movement and their support is mandatory.

Gaire said without economic and social movement, country cannot make any process and time has come to complete the transition. He said UML would take all the sections on board and move ahead.

He said support of homosexual, transgender, women and all section is necessary. He, however, said there is a need of considerable time to complete such movement. He said members of this community should fight together to secure their rights.