UN inaugurates transgender-friendly toilets

Lalitapur (Pahichan) August 25 – United Nations Nepal Office has built an all gender toilet on its premises. The toilet came into use from Wednesday. Jens Wandel, Assistant Administrator and Director of UNDP’s Bureau of Management Services, UN Resident Coordinator Velerie Julliand, UNDP Country Director Renaud Meyer jointly inaugurated toilet.

SpeakiTransgenderng to Pahichan Online after the inauguration, Meyer said with the all gender restroom, UN wishes to offer an example on how the legal and constitutional provisions ensuring rights of LGBTI community could be translated into concrete efforts.

Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal thanked UN for the construction of such toilet. UN She said there should be public toilets for the transgender everywhere.  Due to the lack of such toilets, she said, transgender persons are exposed to violence.

According to her, members of this community fear to go into male-female binary toilets. Dhakal said though the rights of transgender persons have been mentioned in the constitution, its implementation is very weak.

Another transgender Elyn Bhandari said due to the lack of transgender-friendly toilets, members of this community are facing a lot of problems. “As I am a male transgender, I face difficulties to use the toilets,” Bhandari said. “There are no toilets for transgender persons, there should be easy access to toilets,” Bhandari said.