UPDP suggests UNESCO to take steps to end discrimination against inter-sex

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 22 – United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has suggested UNESCO to take measures for ending the discrimination faced by inter-sex people. Stating that the violence against inter-sex people has increased significantly, UNDP, for the first time, demanded to end such provisions.

UNDP has also submitted two instances to show how members of this community are facing violence and manhandling. UNDP will take initiative in the upcoming meeting going to be held in Paris with UNESCO   and take necessary measures after the consultations. UNESCO will dispatch a letter to its member nations to take measures to end the discrimination.

Earlier, Nepal, in a meeting with Child Right convention, has requested to take measures to end the discrimination against inter-sex. According to Deputy Director of Blue Diamond Society Parshuram Rai the body will provide detail feedback after April 20. BDS is working to ensure the rights of LGBTI, including inter-sex. According to BDS, members of this community are hiding their real identity.

As they face discrimination in the society, members of this community are forced to go abroad that is why there is not any scientific data. In the rural villages, members of this community are abused saying people with infertility. Inter-sex means existence of both sexual organs in a person. Due the existence of both organs, they faced difficulties to perform sexual inter course.