We are focusing our campaign on same-sex marriage :  Rouse


Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 16 – Marty Rouse, National field Director of American Human Campaign has said that his organization is focusing on the rights of transgender along with same-sex. Asked by  Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal about the possibility of same-sex marriage, Rouse said the current campaign is focused on the rights of transgender. He said transgender have already received equality in American Army, marriage and social rights. 

He informed that works are being done in education, advocacy and elections to ensure the rights of LGBTI in central, federal and local level. According to him, before American provided legal status to same-sex marriage, status governments have already endorsed such laws.

Marty RouseHe said American congress could change the laws on same-sex marriage. He said they gathered a lot of couple for the same-sex marriage. They said they were able to put pressure on parliament as there were high numbers of LGBTI willing to marry. According to him, it was easy to legalize the same-sex marriage as they worked with several religious organizations.

He said they are advocating for the inclusion of LGBTI in American Army.  He said Nebaska state, a 50 year old homosexual was removed from the job in army. “The homosexual was allowed to speak with Media and Parliament also supported it and it also played role to ensure the participation of LGBTI in American army,” he said.

According to him, even Catholic Church also gradually supported the marriage of homosexual.  In the discussion, he said that LGBTI community in Nepal are also working to ensure the rights. He said mentioning rights in constitution is one of the major achievement. There is a need of continuous pressure to strengthen the implementation aspects of constitutional provisions.