We can take the leadership of country : Shrestha

Balram Chaudhari/Morang (Pahichan) December 20 – Rani Shrestha is from Biratnagar 15 and she lives with her small family at Biratnagar. Her childhood was fine but now she is feeling quite difficult to adjust in this society. In the early years, she was unknown about her sexuality and now she knows well about it.

Being transgender, it is not easy for us to survive; we have to struggle very hard with family, society, as well as with country because here is nothing for us, she said.  My aim is to be good model in modeling sectors, she added. She claimed of having a good height and educated.

She said, “When i didn’t know about this community i think myself what kind of people i was but i got the answer now so i am struggling hard to get success being third gender.”  Now she is dancing in different shows and it is my one talent.

She used to dance in Birjunj, Kalaya, Janakpur and other places. She claimed that members of transgender can achieve success like male and female in the society.  “If we get opportunity, we can even rule this country and we have capacity to do so,” she added.