We should not mock sexual and gender minority: Director Acharya

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 10 – Film Director Bikash Acharya has said that homosexual and transgender should not be presented as mock characters in the cinema. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, Acharya said the existence and identity of any people including gender and sexual minority should not be defamed.

Stating that some film directors have presented homosexual and transgender in a negative way, Acharya said it is a wrong tendency. If people present homosexual and transgender in a negative way, they should be held responsible, Acharya said.

“In my film Ridham, I have incorporated some sensitive issues. “I have incorporated messages that Madhesi and women should not be discriminated. “Our nationality will be strengthened if we respect all people in the society,” said Acharya.

Stating that all humans are equal, and there should not be discrimination, he requested to seek legal remedy if any people face discrimination in society.

He said homosexual and transgender should come in an organizational way for the implementation of constitution which has addressed the agenda of gender and sexual minority.

He said there is no meaning of constitutional provisions if laws are not formulated to implement provisions. Acharya said there have been positive changes in the society regarding gender and sexual minority. ‘Nai Nabhanu La’, a cinema directed by Acharya has been released.