We to lend support to transgender: Sharma  

Bipana Paneru/Kaski (Pahichan) November 25 – Western Region Chief of Sancharika Samuha Jamuna Barsha Sharma has said that Samuha is ready to assist the gender and sexual minority.

Speaking to Pahinchan Radio Program Sharma said, “We are with homosexual and transgender and we are ready to support any positive steps,” she said adding that as constitution as ensured the rights of this community, no one can discriminate this community.

Sharma said it is wrong to seek the medical report to receive the citizenship as per gender identity. She said it is the responsibility of transgender to raise the voices of voice-less people. She said media should pay sufficient attention to highlight the issue s of this community and it is also a responsibility of media to give space to marginalized community.

She said that it is wrong understanding that Samuha works only for women. “We cannot work with male and other communities of the society,” Sharma said. She expressed the commitment that Samuha is ready  to work for the welfare of homosexual and transgender.