We want to be established as exemplary citizen : Transgender  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 5 – Members of transgender community have said that they would be exemplary citizens of society and country if members of their family cordially accept their gender identity and treat them accordingly.

“We want to be established as exemplary citizen in the society but family has not accepted us,” they said adding that if family accepts them it would help members of this community to conceal their identity.

As they are facing discrimination in their own family, they are denied from rights in education, health, employment sectors. At a program organized by Blue Diamond Society on the blue print prepared by Asia Pacific Transgender Network, they said first and important aspect is family.Bhumika

Executive Director of BDS Manisha Dhakal said there is a need of law for the marriage of this community. Dhakal urged the concerned stakeholders not to discriminate this community. Participants said though state is providing identity to them, they are being called by family as brother, big brother, son and daughter.  They said if law is formulated, it would contribute to change the negative mindset of society about this community.  They said BDS would launch its campaign across the country and there is need of reaching to schools as well.

Meanwhile, a campaign of ending discrimination against this community has begun writing a message in the picture of butterfly. Executive Director of BDS Dhakal said the campaign has begun with writing message in the picture of butter fly. Jo Wang of Asia Pacific Network of Transgender informed that such campaign began from Thailand.