We want to ensure both identity, political rights: Gurung  

Kathmandu(pahichan) March 8 – Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung has said that they are still in the campaign of ensuring their identity in the society. She objected for still describing them as unnatural in the society.  “The overall mentality of people is unnatural not us,” she said. She said that even the World Health Organization has verified homosexuals and transgender are natural in the society and should be accepted accordingly.

In an interview with Suresh Acharya of ABC television on the auspicious occasion of Internal Women’s Day, Gurung said due to the discrimination in the family, society and nation, they are still denied from already established legal rights.  “There are the talks of only reservation but we are being oppressed from various corners,” Gurung said. She underlined the need of acquiring political rights along with ensuring identity.

“There is a demand of equal wage between man and women but we transgender women are denied of employment opportunities,” Gurung said. “We have different identity from that of man and women.  “I was male when I was born. Now, I am women,” she said adding that violence, intimidation and discrimination should come to an end.