We will ensure the participation of LGBTI in Naya Shakti: Bhattarai

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 5 – Coordinator of Naya Shakti Nepal Baburam Bhattarai has said that Naya Shakti would be a common organization that would fight to liberate all the people who are facing various kinds of discrimination.

Asked about statutory provisions to incorporate the gender and sexual minority in the Naya Shakti, Bhattarai said it would accommodate all the sections of the society.

Speaking at an interaction about the role of Adhibasi and Janajati to form a new political force, Bhattarai assured that there will be proportional representation of all caste, language, region and community.

He said members of LGBTI are facing more discrimination and torture than the women in the society. “We have incorporated them in our party organization, we will ensure it incorporating the provision in party statute,” Bhattarai said.

Leaders of Naya Shakti Hishila Yami said members of this community are accommodated in party organization. “Naya Shakti has ensured the identity of this community,” said Yami. Chairman of Blue Diamond Society has already been appointed as member of central Interim Council of Naya Shakti.  Janajati leader Parshuram Khapung, Pasang Sherpa and Ganesh Rai addressed the interaction program.  There is active participation of LGBTI in every programs of LGBTI.