We will seek political remedy of flawed laws : Dhakal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 11 – Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal has said that laws have not ensured the representation of gender and sexual minority in local level.

Dhakal said that they will work to ensure the political rights of this community which were already addressed by the constitution but it has not been reflected in the laws. She said local level law has imposed discrimination to this community.

“The constitution has ensure the 40 percent representation of women in ward level and there is representation of Dalit and other marginalized community but there is no presentation of this community, neither this community is listed in the cluster,” Dhakal said.  She said though the community that has the population under 0.5 should be listed as minority group, LGBTI is excluded from it.

“We are making efforts to ensure the political protection, we have urged the members of this community to support those candidates who are positive and ready to support the agenda this community,” Dhakal said.

Dhakal said they are going to draw the attention of political parties on the very issues. There are reports that LGBTI constitute 8-10 percent to total global population.  In Nepal, it is said that population is this community is half million. However, only 143 members of this community have participated in voter-list through open identity.