We will take lead to ensure the rights of LGBTI: Lawmaker Manandhar

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 26 – Lawmaker Ram Bir Manandhar has pledged to fight to secure the rights of gender and sexual minority. Speaking to Pahichan, Manandhar who represents ruling party CPN-UML said as constitution has already ensure the rights of this community, the priority is to formulate laws that reflects constitutional provisions.

“The constitution has ensured the rights of all marginalized community including gender and sexual minority; we need to formulate laws to cement those rights. The new government will accommodate all the sections of society,” Manandhar said.

He said there is a need of drawing the attention of government and law-making agencies to make laws to accommodate this community. Manandhar said members of this community themselves should not feel humiliated. He said UML has taken some steps in the past to ensure the rights of this community.