We would not tolerate atrocities against us, say homosexuals and transgender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 2 – Homosexuals and transgender have said that they would fight against any individual who exploit them and give torture. According to them, they would seek legal remedy if people try to exploit them.

They have submitted their signatures at District Administration office asking not to release Dilip Rai known as Mohini who was engaged in the atrocities against gender and sexual minorities in the various places of Kathmandu valley. Mohini is in currently police custody and facing Public Offence Act.

They warned that any injustice to them is not tolerable. We are facing injustice from family, society and state but now we can not endure any more discrimination and injustice to us, they said. Earlier, Mohini was submitted to police administration after he failed to mend his ways despite the rounds of counseling.

“If he refuses to mend his ways, he should face stern action,” they said. Mohini beat Budha and stripped one person in the Ratna Park. Transgender women said, “Almost all the friends were thrashed by him.” They fear that if Mohini comes out from the police administration, he will involve the further exploitation.

They asked to ensure the security of their members. Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinki Gurung said they would continue their fight against any sort of injustice. “We will remain united to fight any atrocities against us,” Gurung said. They said legal battle will be continued.  Mohini has imposed restriction in the travel, purchasing some goods, providing commission to him among others.

After the arrest of Mohini, this community has felt some sort of relief. In a memorandum submitted to District Administration Office, National Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Cell of Nepal Police, Metropolitan Police Range Hanuman Dhoka and Blue Diamond Society, they have demanded the security and stop the atrocities of Mohini.